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Software and Sales Top In-Demand Jobs for Gen Z Talent

The older members of Gen Z (born around 1997 or later) are starting to enter the labor force. As they do, they’re shaping workplace and job trends. Glassdoor’s research on Gen Z’s aspirations finds that the majority hope to work in tech and that software engineer is the most in-demand role for this cohort. Many others in Gen Z are applying for sales associate positions, which have long served as a jumping-off point for young workers. When discussing their early-career jobs, members of Gen Z frequently cite a good work environment, flexible hours, and competitive pay among the highlights of their experience, and they use the phrases “employee discount” and “free food” more often than their older Millennial counterparts. These trends suggest that employee perks can help attract Gen Z talent, although previous research shows culture and advancement opportunities matter more for keeping employees engaged in the long-term.